Update v1.67 submitted to the App Store

March 31, 2016 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Approved and released 04/11/16

Submitted for iTunes approval 3/31/16


Oh yeah, we did that!

This update includes a new device, an HP ProCurve switch, allowing for HP to Cisco trunk configurations and testing. Trunk here refers to Cisco's definition of trunk, a port that carries multiple VLANs.

Like our currently supported devices, you can configure the HP switches just as easily with the supported HP provision commands.

Supported provision manager level commands:

show running-config
show config (startup configuration)
show vlan
show vlan port <1-12>
show vlan port <1-12> detail

Supported provision global commands:

interface <1-12>
vlan <1-256>

Supported provision interface commands:

tag vlan <1-256>
untag vlan <1-256>

Supported provision vlan commands:

tag <1-12>
untag <1-12>
no tagged <1-12>
no untagged <1-12>



provision# conf
provision(config)#vlan 10
provision(vlan-10)#untag 2,4-5 

In Cisco terms, the commands above configures ports 2, 4, and 5 to be access ports on vlan 10.

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