Update v1.92 submitted to the App Store

March 11, 2024 - Reading time: 10 minutes

What's new in Version 1.92

fixed the design connections checking issue

fixed password issue with commands:

        set dot1x user WORD password WORD

        set radius user WORD password WORD

added privileged commands:

    show dot1x

     show dot1x all

    show dot1x all summary

Switch global commands:

    dot1x system-auth-control

   aaa authentication dot1x default enable

   aaa authentication dot1x default local

    aaa authentication dot1x default group radius

Switch interface commands:

dot1x port-control force-authorized

dot1x port-control force-unauthorized

dot1x port-control auto

authentication port-control force-authorized

authentication port-control force-unauthorized

authentication port-control auto

no authentication port-control

dot1x pae authenticator

no dot1x pae

Other minor fixes and improvements